What is kate

Dear visitor, 

thank you for visiting our website! In this page You will familiarize with the European Social Fund (2019-2021) project “South Savo easily accessible services model to international comers- paths to working life and entrepreneurship” (KATE), and its variety of services. 



South Savo easily accessible services model to international comers - paths to entrepreneurship and working life.
KATE is a project funded by  ESF 2019-2021 whose goal is to create an hybrid accessibility model where services are provided locally and on-line, independently from place and time. 

What are the project goals?

KATE-project has the goal to combine and strengthen already existing services for international comers in the region of South Savo to provide added value to their employment and at the same time to support business growth. By creating a common work platform among different actors (social, economic, and third sector) the aim is to raise awareness and opportunities for companies to internationalize and increase competitiveness in the region.

For whom is the project?

The project is for international comers who live in South Savo, or would like to move to this region of Finland and find work or a place for study. These may include individuals who have already considerable work experience or little work experience, as well as individuals who are almost finishing their studies and they are ready to move on in their life. 

The other main target group is the companies from South Savo and/or companies that want to invest in South Savo, and they are in need of international workforce. 

Who is implementing the project?

The KATE project main coordinator is the Otavia Folk High School, and the co-partner is MikseiMikkeli Oy.